Monthly Archives: April 2016


The first time I heard about PHLster I was skeptical.

6 months and 4 purchases later I wouldn’t carry appendix inside waistband or IWB in general in anything but a PHLster. All their products have an unheard of amount of adjustability and fantastic retention. All their gear is optimized for appendix carry but with some time, a screwdriver, and their very helpful YouTube channel (PhillyEDC) you can carry your PHLster holster just about any way you want. 

My first purchase was their City Special holster for the Smith & Wesson J Frame. It is, by far, the most comfortable holster, appendix or otherwise, I’ve ever worn even with the Hogue grips on my 642. It absolutely disappears under a T Shirt and the single belt loop attachment helps the holster move with your body when worn appendix. I live in a climate with high heat and brutal humidity in the summer and this holster stands up to it. PHLster recommends a good stiff gun belt but I’ve found this holster works with just about any decent belt, which is a big selling point. 

Next I purchased their ACCESS holster for the S&W Shield. This holster conceals just as well as the City Special but wasn’t quite as comfortable for me in the appendix position. After the purchase and installization of their dual loop adapter it’s become a great 3-5 o’clock EDC holster. I tried to use it with a Galco belt and couldn’t get the gun out but once combined with a Ares Ranger belt the holster really shines. Once again, PHLster does recommend using a sturdy gun belt. 

Last is their IWB magazine carrier. It claims to fit most double stack 9mm/.40 magazines from major manufacturers. After testing it on various Glock, S&W, SIG, and Springfield mags I can say they aren’t lying! 

In conclusion, PHLster is changing the game. Everyone else is just playing catchup. Plus they’re based in my home state of Pennsylvania which is just another plus for me.