Carry Positions 

These days there are many different ways to carry a gun. I’ll be focusing on some of the ways to carry concealed. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. 

IWB between 3-6oclock is by far the most common. Many civilians who concealed carry either start or end up this way. The drawbacks include draw speed and reholstering. Draw speed isn’t a huge issue in most cases. Reholstering wrong can be dangerous and leave you in danger of negligent discharges. 

Appendix IWB isn’t as new as people might think. I personally know some old gunfighters who were AIWB carrying revolvers and 1911’s in the seventies. This method is great for concealment and fast drawing but literally leaves your genetalia in the line of fire. 

OWB is the second most common and is fantastic for draw speed but can lead to concealment issues. Most undercover LEOs carry this way. The drawback is retention but a high quality holster either retentive or not usually solves this issue. 

Ankle carry is mostly used for back up guns. I’ve honestly never carried this way but I’ve heard from reliable sources the holster feels bulky on your leg and is obviously slower to draw from. Concealment is a big plus though. 

I have a love hate relationship with shoulder holsters. My back is fairly wrecked from a youth of heavy packs and hard work and shoulder holsters only multiple this issue. They are however great for drawing from and when wearing heavier clothing that might make accessing a belt holster harder. 

If I could give any advice to a new concealed carrier it would be to buy a good belt and holster for whatever gun you’re choosing to carry and learn the law in your state/country. 


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