Getting old, while you’re young

I’ve noticed a trend lately that older shooters, we’ll say 45 years and older, are moving back towards the guns of their youth. Mainly revolvers, Hi-Powers, and 1911s. I can’t exactly pin down the reasoning behind it because I’m still young, dumb, and full of…vigor. Could it be nostalgia? Could it be an increase in capital? It’s no secret those guns cost more. Maybe an older shooter recognizes most self defense encounters don’t require 17 rounds, the real number is 2 or 3. Maybe they just miss the guns they learned to shoot with. Maybe theyre looking to set themselves apart from the younger guys/gals. 

Hell maybe I’m just looking too much into this whole issue. 

Let me know what you think in the comments. 


2 thoughts on “Getting old, while you’re young

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