3 quick points

First: Movement while shooting

I don’t mean at the range, I mean while rounds are flying your way too. A stationary target is easy to hit while movement naturally attracts the eye. What’s the right balance? I say it’s to move as much as you possibly can while keeping within your ideal accuracy guidelines. Can’t shoot and move? Then don’t move. Movement doesn’t help when you can’t end the fight. 

Second: the Gun Store Guy

Everyone has their own gun store horror stories. I’ve been shown a SIG SAUER when I’ve asked to see a H&K because “SEALs use them so they’re better.” I’m not here for that argument, I just want to see a gun. So beware potential gun buyer and know exactly what you want going in so you won’t be talked into buying a gun that you don’t need/want. Also, don’t be afraid to drop a little knowledge. If you’re just looking, say you’re just looking, their time can be better spent helping a customer that’s looking to buy and they’ll appreciate it. 

Third: the .357 SIG

I love it. It’s the .40S&W without the hipster like pretentiousness. It’s penetration is fantastic and everyone loves fantastic penetration. I wouldn’t be surprised if it became the caliber of choice for the Army. 


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