Well Fed 

Just a quick disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with guns, knives, tactical gear, or anything similar. 

This post is about cooking. 

Still with me? Good, let’s get started. 

It is my solemn belief everyone should be able to cook at least 5 great tasting meals. The words “everyone” and “great” in that previous sentence might scare some people but let me explain. A great meal DOES NOT have to be complicated. Simple preparations, a few ingredients, and a little time can produce fantastic meals. 

The first, and probably easiest is steak. People, except vegetarians, love a good steak. A hot skillet or grill, salt, pepper, and a semi sober cook can produce a fantastic steak. The fancy seasonings or marinades aren’t necessary. When eating a steak, I want to taste the steak not Italian dressing or A1 marinades. Next time you’re able look at the ingredients in steak seasonings. They’re all pretty similar and 90% of them contain salt and pepper. 

Scrambled eggs are another easy meal. The first rule of scrambled eggs in my abode is to not chop them up into wee little egg nuggets. I make mine like an omelette. Start with your desired amount of eggs, add some pepper (I really fucking like pepper) or other seasonings, pour that on a medium-high heated pan. The eggs should lightly cover the pan so you can see once they’ve cooked through. After that’s done, just fold it in half, add some char to the outside if you want or sprinkle some cheese on top, I like cheddar, and serve. 

The next is probably the most widely eaten food worldwide. Rice. It’s tasty, nutritious, and disgustingly easy to make. I’m not going to tell you how to cook rice, if you don’t know look it up. I’m simply going to tell you to add salsa to your finished product and either eat it as a side or add it to tacos. You can even cook the rice in salsa as opposed to water. 

So that’s 3 easy things you can make into great things. He’ll just yesterday I had scrambled eggs with salsa rice and it was awesome. 

Now it’s time for the first ever installment of “Foods that shouldn’t taste good together but do” the name needs some work but bear with me. 

2 scrambled eggs, 2 pieces of bread with butter and peanut butter, sweet BBQ sauce, 2 pieces breakfast sausage links or patties. Try that sandwich. 

Let me know what you think or add your own recipes in the comments. 


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