They’re back! Revolvers and 1911s

It wasn’t long ago that revolvers were the go to self defense weapon. From the cop walking the beat to the “working girl” hawking her wares revolvers offered everything a person could want. Small, concealable, sometimes powerful, accurate, and reliable all packaged into one gun. It took a long long time for semi autos to catch up, but they have. 1911s were another popular choice but reliability and weight concerns held them back. 

1911s have made a huge resurgence in the last 15 or so years with custom companies succeeding making only 1911s. Now its true that 1911s come in all sizes and shapes, but be warned, 1911s chambered in .45ACP with barrels shorter than 4 inches aren’t reliable. I don’t care who makes them or what the guy at the gunshop told you, that $2,000 gun will jam. But this post isn’t only about 1911s. 

Revolvers are, more than any other handgun, works of art.

Most really really expensive revolvers are old. Why? Because there isn’t a Dan Wesson or Kimber of the revolver world. That hurts my soul. So I beg of you, revolver loving industrious type, make a custom revolver. The times are a changin’ and it would sell. Like Kevin Costner in “Field of Dreams”, if you build it, they will come. I’m not asking you, I’m begging you. Give this iconic design it’s due. Mid level revolvers can stand up to any gun in beauty and reliability. Imagine what a custom one could do? 
I realize I’m apart of a rogue element in the gun industry. I’m young, handsome, in shape, and f***ing love a good wheel gun. There aren’t many of us around, but we do exist. Appease us. 


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