Modern 3 Gun: A Recap

Yesterday, for the first time ever, I shot a 3 Gun event using modern weaponry. I’ve shot themed 3 Gun events before, the first being a WWII event I compete in every year, the second being a Cowboy Action style one I tried once. There aren’t any pictures, don’t even ask. It rained the day before so portions of the course we’re still a bit muddy but nothing my trusty Doc Martens couldn’t handle. Ages ranged from early 20’s to late 60’s. 

The weapons I used were: My personal M4/AR15 frankenrifle with a Trijicon ACOG on top, my Remington 1100 with factory iron sights, and my brand spanking new Beretta 92G Brigadier. You may be asking why I’d use a new gun for a competition. Well, here are my reasons. First, it’s a Beretta, I knew it’d work flawlessly. Second, my guns aren’t safe queens, I buy guns to shoot them. Third, I wanted to show it off. 

The rifle portions were straight forward “combat” scenarios involving shooting around, under, over, and in one guys case through “walls.” The maximum distance was only 200yds so my choice of an ACOG was a bit of a hindrance. 

The shotgun portion was by far my best event. The Remington ran amazing (no surprise) and 8 rounds in the tube as opposed to 5-6 is a huge advantage. Plus, whether I like to admit it or not, I’m a shotgunner at heart. I shot 2 3/4 birdshot and had no trouble knocking down steel out to 35 yards. 

Pistol work was my downfall yesterday. I could make the typical excuses but that’s not my style. I just didn’t shoot the Beretta well. It was however the first time I shot the gun so my accuracy will (hopefully) improve. The all steel controls make the gun a breeze to shoot fast. I tried to run the gun as fast as it would let me. The most fun stage was a quick draw/fire twice into a 3×5 card. My time was 2.46 seconds with the second shot nipping the corner of the card. 

Overall it was a fun day of shooting. I got to show off my new pistol and hear the clenching teeth of guys with their souped up Glocks. 

For those curious I finished 4th. 


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