KA-BAR TDI Knife and NSR Tactical Sheath: Final Verdict

On March 3rd I posted my first impressions of this combo, since then many things have changed. 

I started a new job that I’m undercover 100% of the time, giving me ample opportunity to test the concealment abilities of the sheath

NSR Tactical has started to sell the combo so you don’t have to order the knife and sheath seperately 

NSR Tactical has posted my review to their Facebook page at least twice, giving me a reader boost and not allowing me to flake out on the update post. 

I’ve fallen in love with the combo. Seriously. I posted before it would be a good companion to a folding knife, hogwash. This knife and this sheath are second to none. 

Now the knife is a proven commodity so I’ll focus on the sheath for two reasons. 

First, it’s way better than any other knife sheath I own. It’s very well made, no sharp edges or wear marks so far in over two months of everyday carry. Concealable? You bet your ass it is. Not once, I mean NEVER, has someone noticed me carrying the knife. I’ve concealed it under T-Shirts, dress shirts, flannel. 

Second, as I stated before, NSR Tactical shared my first impressions and I’m an attention whore so anyone who feeds that is on my nice list. 

My conclusion is to highly recommend the sheath. It’s everything you could want in an EDC fixed blade sheath. It’s super affordable for a hand made, custom sheath. It’s offered in a ton of normal and tactical colors and sizes. It’s tough, I’m thinking of buying another just to write a post about what it takes to damage/destroy one. I plan on ordering more holsters and sheaths from them. That’s really the highest endorsement I can give a company. It’s easy to sell something once, getting a picky gear guy (like me) to come back is hard. My one gripe, which is my fault, is that I ordered the model with a belt clip instead of belt loops. Even though the clip is super strong I think I’d like the loops more. 

So thanks again to the people at NSR Tactical for making a fantastic product. 



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