Carry question

Yesterday a friend asked me a relatively simple question that I, of course, way overthought. 

“How much should I spend on a carry gun?” 

Simple right? You can get a Glock, XD, or M&P fairly cheap. 

Well here’s what I thought. Should you carry a cheap gun? Glocks, XDs, and M&Ps are all well made, reliable guns but here’s the problem. 

What if you don’t shoot them well?

You should NEVER EVER carry a gun you don’t shoot well. I honestly don’t care what people carry. I prefer compact double stack .45ACP guns. Have I carried other guns and calibers? Yes. But most compact double stack .45s fit my hand well. I could never carry a .380 or a 10mm because they don’t fit my hand. My hands are normal sized but they’re abnormally wide. I can usually get about 1 1/2 fingers on your typical mouse gun .380. That doesn’t bode well for accuracy. 10mm on the other hand are usually too big for me to pull the trigger properly. I’m not recoil sensitive in the least so if there was a 10mm that fit my hand I’d probably try it. 

So how much should you spend on a carry gun?

Spend however much it takes to buy a gun you shoot reliably accurate. If that’s $300 or $3,000 it’ll be worth it when you life depends on that gun. 

You can’t put a price on your life. 

The MOST IMPORTANT step in choosing a carry gun is to shoot a bunch of different guns to see what you shoot best. 


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