I started a new job on 3/31. It’s completely undercover and my first real “big boy” “civilian”job. By “big boy” I mean I make a double digit wage per hour and by “civilian” I mean it involves being unarmed. One I like, the other I really hate. I hate being undercover and unarmed so much I threatened to quit. Of course I didn’t but I was close. While I do have ways to restrain a suspect I don’t have many options if he/she/they become violently physical. Being undercover comes with complete freedom of dress as long as I can conceal the tools I am allowed to have. Being a former 1911 concealed carrier I’m quite skilled at keeping things hidden. Everyone who has carried a 1911 and doesn’t dress like a circus tent knows it’s not a matter of if but when you print. The job also involves that most hated of all things, paperwork. And tons of it! About 20% of my day consists of click click clicking away on a computer that isn’t fit for my worst enemy. Okay it’s not that bad. I only need to reboot it every other day or it shits out. FYI: shits out is a technical term. I believe Steve Jobs first coined it. 

Anyway, on the gun front it’s been awhile since I’ve made any purchases. The Great Gun Liquidation pushes on. Been selling Glock holsters and magazines like crazy. If you’re interested get ahold of me. I have some really nice holsters ranging from barely used to beat to shit (another technical term) still for sale. Until next time friends, Romans, and countrymen stay safe out there. 
Side note: I’ve been read by a bunch of people from Greece lately. Why am I telling you this? I don’t know, maybe to give all my homies in Greece a shoutout!! 


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