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Modern 3 Gun: A Recap

Yesterday, for the first time ever, I shot a 3 Gun event using modern weaponry. I’ve shot themed 3 Gun events before, the first being a WWII event I compete in every year, the second being a Cowboy Action style one I tried once. There aren’t any pictures, don’t even ask. It rained the day before so portions of the course we’re still a bit muddy but nothing my trusty Doc Martens couldn’t handle. Ages ranged from early 20’s to late 60’s. 

The weapons I used were: My personal M4/AR15 frankenrifle with a Trijicon ACOG on top, my Remington 1100 with factory iron sights, and my brand spanking new Beretta 92G Brigadier. You may be asking why I’d use a new gun for a competition. Well, here are my reasons. First, it’s a Beretta, I knew it’d work flawlessly. Second, my guns aren’t safe queens, I buy guns to shoot them. Third, I wanted to show it off. 

The rifle portions were straight forward “combat” scenarios involving shooting around, under, over, and in one guys case through “walls.” The maximum distance was only 200yds so my choice of an ACOG was a bit of a hindrance. 

The shotgun portion was by far my best event. The Remington ran amazing (no surprise) and 8 rounds in the tube as opposed to 5-6 is a huge advantage. Plus, whether I like to admit it or not, I’m a shotgunner at heart. I shot 2 3/4 birdshot and had no trouble knocking down steel out to 35 yards. 

Pistol work was my downfall yesterday. I could make the typical excuses but that’s not my style. I just didn’t shoot the Beretta well. It was however the first time I shot the gun so my accuracy will (hopefully) improve. The all steel controls make the gun a breeze to shoot fast. I tried to run the gun as fast as it would let me. The most fun stage was a quick draw/fire twice into a 3×5 card. My time was 2.46 seconds with the second shot nipping the corner of the card. 

Overall it was a fun day of shooting. I got to show off my new pistol and hear the clenching teeth of guys with their souped up Glocks. 

For those curious I finished 4th. 


KA-BAR TDI Knife and NSR Tactical Sheath: Final Verdict

On March 3rd I posted my first impressions of this combo, since then many things have changed. 

I started a new job that I’m undercover 100% of the time, giving me ample opportunity to test the concealment abilities of the sheath

NSR Tactical has started to sell the combo so you don’t have to order the knife and sheath seperately 

NSR Tactical has posted my review to their Facebook page at least twice, giving me a reader boost and not allowing me to flake out on the update post. 

I’ve fallen in love with the combo. Seriously. I posted before it would be a good companion to a folding knife, hogwash. This knife and this sheath are second to none. 

Now the knife is a proven commodity so I’ll focus on the sheath for two reasons. 

First, it’s way better than any other knife sheath I own. It’s very well made, no sharp edges or wear marks so far in over two months of everyday carry. Concealable? You bet your ass it is. Not once, I mean NEVER, has someone noticed me carrying the knife. I’ve concealed it under T-Shirts, dress shirts, flannel. 

Second, as I stated before, NSR Tactical shared my first impressions and I’m an attention whore so anyone who feeds that is on my nice list. 

My conclusion is to highly recommend the sheath. It’s everything you could want in an EDC fixed blade sheath. It’s super affordable for a hand made, custom sheath. It’s offered in a ton of normal and tactical colors and sizes. It’s tough, I’m thinking of buying another just to write a post about what it takes to damage/destroy one. I plan on ordering more holsters and sheaths from them. That’s really the highest endorsement I can give a company. It’s easy to sell something once, getting a picky gear guy (like me) to come back is hard. My one gripe, which is my fault, is that I ordered the model with a belt clip instead of belt loops. Even though the clip is super strong I think I’d like the loops more. 

So thanks again to the people at NSR Tactical for making a fantastic product.

Carry question

Yesterday a friend asked me a relatively simple question that I, of course, way overthought. 

“How much should I spend on a carry gun?” 

Simple right? You can get a Glock, XD, or M&P fairly cheap. 

Well here’s what I thought. Should you carry a cheap gun? Glocks, XDs, and M&Ps are all well made, reliable guns but here’s the problem. 

What if you don’t shoot them well?

You should NEVER EVER carry a gun you don’t shoot well. I honestly don’t care what people carry. I prefer compact double stack .45ACP guns. Have I carried other guns and calibers? Yes. But most compact double stack .45s fit my hand well. I could never carry a .380 or a 10mm because they don’t fit my hand. My hands are normal sized but they’re abnormally wide. I can usually get about 1 1/2 fingers on your typical mouse gun .380. That doesn’t bode well for accuracy. 10mm on the other hand are usually too big for me to pull the trigger properly. I’m not recoil sensitive in the least so if there was a 10mm that fit my hand I’d probably try it. 

So how much should you spend on a carry gun?

Spend however much it takes to buy a gun you shoot reliably accurate. If that’s $300 or $3,000 it’ll be worth it when you life depends on that gun. 

You can’t put a price on your life. 

The MOST IMPORTANT step in choosing a carry gun is to shoot a bunch of different guns to see what you shoot best. 


I started a new job on 3/31. It’s completely undercover and my first real “big boy” “civilian”job. By “big boy” I mean I make a double digit wage per hour and by “civilian” I mean it involves being unarmed. One I like, the other I really hate. I hate being undercover and unarmed so much I threatened to quit. Of course I didn’t but I was close. While I do have ways to restrain a suspect I don’t have many options if he/she/they become violently physical. Being undercover comes with complete freedom of dress as long as I can conceal the tools I am allowed to have. Being a former 1911 concealed carrier I’m quite skilled at keeping things hidden. Everyone who has carried a 1911 and doesn’t dress like a circus tent knows it’s not a matter of if but when you print. The job also involves that most hated of all things, paperwork. And tons of it! About 20% of my day consists of click click clicking away on a computer that isn’t fit for my worst enemy. Okay it’s not that bad. I only need to reboot it every other day or it shits out. FYI: shits out is a technical term. I believe Steve Jobs first coined it. 

Anyway, on the gun front it’s been awhile since I’ve made any purchases. The Great Gun Liquidation pushes on. Been selling Glock holsters and magazines like crazy. If you’re interested get ahold of me. I have some really nice holsters ranging from barely used to beat to shit (another technical term) still for sale. Until next time friends, Romans, and countrymen stay safe out there. 
Side note: I’ve been read by a bunch of people from Greece lately. Why am I telling you this? I don’t know, maybe to give all my homies in Greece a shoutout!!