Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I recently started a new job and it’s taking up most of my time. For now, let me share with you some thoughts I’ve had recently. 

.357sig could easily be the self defense caliber of the future. 

.45acp is probably the best caliber ever. Or second to 12 gauge, but it’s damn close. 

Shooting isn’t a perishable skill if you were taught well. Eye sight, hand eye coordination, and dexterity are however very perishable. 

Beretta 92s are easily the prettiest handgun on the market. 

1911 are, and have always been, overrated. 

Every serious gun owner should own a double barrel shotgun. 

Fishing truly is the most boring activity there is, which is part of the appeal. 

Every man should own a decent knife. 

I bet it’s awesome to drink vodka with Putin. 


Decision- Floyd

PAC MAN will need to be uber aggressive and be in absolutely amazing shape to win. 


6 thoughts on “Sorry…

      1. Stan R. Mitchell

        Yeah, there are none. I used to be such a huge fan of it.

        In many ways, I don’t just blame the promoters for killing it. I blame the fighters. They argue about the silliest shit on fight contracts and once champ, would fight like one a year or year and a half.

        And they’d let their managers pick weak targets so they could get undefeated records, which looked more impressive than they really were.

        IMO, boxers had just as much a hand in killing boxers as promoters.

        They stopped being the kind of warriors that a person like me could actually look up to.


      2. tactpunk Post author

        I don’t blame the boxers as much. Starting out they’ll fight 5-6 times a year. Once they make a name they’ll fight bad fighters 2-3 times a year. Once they get really famous they need to do everything they can to stay on top, that kind of training takes time. Plus later in their careers the risk of major head trauma is much higher.


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