Carrying in Bars

I’ve debated posting about this subject for a long time. A recent conversation with a coworker finally convinced me it’s a topic that needs discussed. Her story basically went like this: Goes with male friend to slightly sketchy bar. She felt safe because he knew people there. Altercation breaks out a few hours into their evening between two unknown males. Male friend assures her they’re safe because he’s got his gun. 

Now I don’t know her male friend but he made a few interesting choices that evening. First, he took a date to a sketchy bar, from my experience that’s not conducive to a second date. Second, he decided the bar was dangerous enough to warrant carrying a firearm. Third, he consumed alcohol while carrying a firearm. Fourth, he felt his gun made him safer and should put her at ease. 

There are tons of great reasons to carry a gun but everyone has also heard the expression “alcohol and firearms don’t mix.” The worst thing that could ever happen to a concealed carrier is having your decision questioned by a court of law. Add alcohol to that. Imagine being legally drunk and having to use your gun. Whether you are right or not your state of mind will be justifiably questioned. Also, God forbid, you shoot, miss, and injure an innocent bystander. This might seem unlikely but in a bar or on a busy street this could very likely happen. 

I’m not saying you shouldn’t carry in bars or anywhere else you’re legally allowed to do so but know the risks. Understand that your decision to shoot might have horrific implications for you or anyone in the area. 

If you’re curious whether I carry in bars or not you’ll have to buy me a beer to find out : ) 


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