Are Bolt Action Rifles Obsolete?

This question has been bouncing around in my cranium for a long time. 

Are Bolt Action Rifles Obsolete?

Some, usually those with more than a few gray hairs or a few less hairs, would say no. 

Some, usually those with 5.11 Tactical or Crye Precision saved in their bookmarks, would say yes. 

Lever Action rifles have long been the little brother to bolt guns, they tend to be chambered in rounds more suitable to punching through brush than hitting targets at 1,000. 

Semi autos offer many advantages over bolt guns, including capacity and  maneuverability. Semi autos have many more moving parts than bolt guns though. The more parts a gun has the more it’s accuracy is effected though. That’s the crux of the argument. 

The fickle bitch called accuracy. 

As long as shooters want to make 1,000 yard shots at Camp Perry and other sandier locations bolt guns won’t be going away. They might change in appearance slightly. There will always be someone in a shed or basement or gun shop trying to milk every bit of accuracy out of a rifle. And that rifle will have a bolt. 

Full disclosure: I wrote this wearing a Crye Precision T-Shirt. 


4 thoughts on “Are Bolt Action Rifles Obsolete?

  1. Stan R. Mitchell

    Great question, and like many great questions, I could make an argument on both sides. : )

    I would be curious how much more accurate a bolt gun is say if you were comparing a 7.62/.308 bolt to a completely customized M14? How much more minute of angle are you gaining, I wonder?

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      1. Stan R. Mitchell

        I’m thinking to keep it fair, you customize both of them so that they’re as good as they’re going to get. And probably 500 yards or 700, so you could actually see some difference, assuming it exists.

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