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Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I recently started a new job and it’s taking up most of my time. For now, let me share with you some thoughts I’ve had recently. 

.357sig could easily be the self defense caliber of the future. 

.45acp is probably the best caliber ever. Or second to 12 gauge, but it’s damn close. 

Shooting isn’t a perishable skill if you were taught well. Eye sight, hand eye coordination, and dexterity are however very perishable. 

Beretta 92s are easily the prettiest handgun on the market. 

1911 are, and have always been, overrated. 

Every serious gun owner should own a double barrel shotgun. 

Fishing truly is the most boring activity there is, which is part of the appeal. 

Every man should own a decent knife. 

I bet it’s awesome to drink vodka with Putin. 


Decision- Floyd

PAC MAN will need to be uber aggressive and be in absolutely amazing shape to win. 


Carrying in Bars

I’ve debated posting about this subject for a long time. A recent conversation with a coworker finally convinced me it’s a topic that needs discussed. Her story basically went like this: Goes with male friend to slightly sketchy bar. She felt safe because he knew people there. Altercation breaks out a few hours into their evening between two unknown males. Male friend assures her they’re safe because he’s got his gun. 

Now I don’t know her male friend but he made a few interesting choices that evening. First, he took a date to a sketchy bar, from my experience that’s not conducive to a second date. Second, he decided the bar was dangerous enough to warrant carrying a firearm. Third, he consumed alcohol while carrying a firearm. Fourth, he felt his gun made him safer and should put her at ease. 

There are tons of great reasons to carry a gun but everyone has also heard the expression “alcohol and firearms don’t mix.” The worst thing that could ever happen to a concealed carrier is having your decision questioned by a court of law. Add alcohol to that. Imagine being legally drunk and having to use your gun. Whether you are right or not your state of mind will be justifiably questioned. Also, God forbid, you shoot, miss, and injure an innocent bystander. This might seem unlikely but in a bar or on a busy street this could very likely happen. 

I’m not saying you shouldn’t carry in bars or anywhere else you’re legally allowed to do so but know the risks. Understand that your decision to shoot might have horrific implications for you or anyone in the area. 

If you’re curious whether I carry in bars or not you’ll have to buy me a beer to find out : ) 

Are Bolt Action Rifles Obsolete?

This question has been bouncing around in my cranium for a long time. 

Are Bolt Action Rifles Obsolete?

Some, usually those with more than a few gray hairs or a few less hairs, would say no. 

Some, usually those with 5.11 Tactical or Crye Precision saved in their bookmarks, would say yes. 

Lever Action rifles have long been the little brother to bolt guns, they tend to be chambered in rounds more suitable to punching through brush than hitting targets at 1,000. 

Semi autos offer many advantages over bolt guns, including capacity and  maneuverability. Semi autos have many more moving parts than bolt guns though. The more parts a gun has the more it’s accuracy is effected though. That’s the crux of the argument. 

The fickle bitch called accuracy. 

As long as shooters want to make 1,000 yard shots at Camp Perry and other sandier locations bolt guns won’t be going away. They might change in appearance slightly. There will always be someone in a shed or basement or gun shop trying to milk every bit of accuracy out of a rifle. And that rifle will have a bolt. 

Full disclosure: I wrote this wearing a Crye Precision T-Shirt.