Great Gun Liquidation of 2015

Recently because of both financial and loss of interest concerns I sold 3 of my Glock pistols. 

Until about a month ago I was a die hard Glock-tard, this I don’t deny but after handling and shooting offerings from Beretta and Springfield my interest in Glock started to wane. Now I’ve never been against selling guns, some folks will tell you to never sell even one gun, I’m not of that school. I have no problem selling a gun if you need to to not be homeless, you use the money for a new gun, or if you can get more than 80% of its worth. The Glocks I sold were a G17, G19, and a G32. I really didn’t have any trouble parting with the 9mms, the .357sig was a bit harder to sell but it was even harder to find ammo for so it went to a new home. 

The cash I made will go to new toys, I’m thinking a PX4 storm in 9mm and a X D Mod 2 in .45acp. But don’t worry, I didn’t sell my carry gun or my nightstand gun so I’m not totally defenseless when it comes to pistols. I’m starting a new full time, undercover job on 3/30 so I’ve been getting my carry gear in order and was even given a sweet new Galco carry belt for my birthday which was 3/24. 

So if you guys/girls/cyborgs have any suggestions on how I should spend my newfound Glock money tell me in the comments. 


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