Are 1911s a waste of money?

Everyone value shops at some point in their life. The reason behind the act of value shopping doesn’t really matter, the result does. You want the most bang for your buck. 

1911s are no doubt an iconic invention, never mind handgun. Quickly think of another product that has been around, virtually unchanged, for 100 years. There aren’t many. Notice how I called the 1911 a product, that’s how companies see them. The goal of any company is to make a profit. The more the better. A company like Nighthawk employs an army of gunsmiths to custom build all of their guns. The end results are fantastic and cost at least two grand. The finished guns are beautiful, accurate, and reliable. What they aren’t however is better than a Glock or M&P you can buy for around $400-$500. So you’ve payed AT LEAST four times as much for a gun that isn’t any better. Now it’s true that you can buy cheaper 1911s and there are some good ones out there but let’s face facts. They just can’t be as good as the $2,000 one. The higher the cost the better the product. Right! Right? 

Let’s break things down simpler. The name of the game when it comes to pistols is reliability. Beauty fades. Accuracy can be achieved with practice. You can’t fake reliability. Accuracy can only be achieved 100% of the time. The best 1911 ever made by elves or large breasted maidens or John Moses Browning himself can only work 100% of the time. A random lowly Glock or Beretta or Springfield XD will work 100% more often than a random 1911. Hell, people have known for years that .45 caliber 1911s with sub 4inch barrels are unreliable! 

I’m not writing this to trash 1911s, hell I own one, his name is Francis and he lives disassembled in a shoe box. I’m writing this to beg you, first time gun buyer, don’t save up your money and buy a 1911. Now if you already own a few guns and want to splurge? Buy one. They’re wicked fun to shoot. 


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