Helping a Comrade…

Before the particular illness which now has me reduced to the level of usefulness of a young Kardashian a friend asked me for some help. 

“I want to start carrying a gun everyday. Any suggestions?”

He asked me a bunch of questions about various belts, holsters, and guns. I answered them dutifully, trying to keep out my personal opinions as there isn’t a one size fits all answer to any of those inquiries. I have half a closet full of various gear that I’ve either found to be subpar or just stopped using because I sold the gun associated with it. We spent the better part of two days discussing gear and guns.

 He wanted a revolver, I said cool, get a revolver. 

We discussed Glocks, he wanted a Glock, I said cool, get a Glock. 

We discussed 1911s, he wanted a 1911, I said cool, get a 1911. 

Then he drops this bombshell. “I need to keep the whole thing (gun included) under $1,000.” I said “Cool. Buy a German Shepherd”

The point of this whole post is to beg of you, new concealed carriers, please do some research before you ask a self appointed gun expert (like myself) for advice. Have some idea of what you want, it makes things much easier on everyone involved. But he did finally decide.

Glock 23 and an Adams Holsters starter pack. 

I’m not a .40 cal guy but it’s not my gun. Too many gun store salesmen try to sell you THEIR gun instead of YOUR gun, so be wary. Only you will know what you’ll like to carry everyday. Hopefully it’ll work out for him on the first try but I get the feeling he’s well on his way to starting his own “Commando Closet”


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