KA-BAR TDI Knife and NSR Tactical Sheath: First Impressions

The first time I heard about the KA-BAR TDI knife I was intrigued. I viewed it as a law enforcement version of the famous Karambit style blade. What I mean about the “law enforcement version” part is that basically it’s a karambit that doesn’t look so fucking wicked. Back in those days I was more of a folding knife guy, in fact I don’t think I even owned a fixed blade. Fast forward to about two months ago. I noticed on a site the KA-BAR was on sale, looked up some reviews, and basically said what the hell and bought it. Upon receiving the knife I noticed three things right off the bat. First, the sheath that comes with the knife isn’t the best. Second, it’s a very very well made knife for the price. Third, it’s a sturdy knife. Believe me, just because something is well made doesn’t mean it’s sturdy. I carried the knife in the provided sheath for about two days before I decided an upgrade was in order. Enter NSR Tactical. 

I have no clue about how or when I heard about NSR Tactical. Might’ve been YouTube, but I’m not sure. I decided to take a chance, a fairly cheap one, the sheath cost $28 plus S&H. Quite reasonable for anything Kydex, custom made, or from a smaller operation. Now I’m a leather guy, not 50 Shades Of Gray leather more like The Ramones leather, so I was a bit skeptical towards Kydex. So far I think I’ll be proven wrong. The sheath is clearly well made. The retention is great and it doesn’t have any of the sharp edges cheaper Kydex tends to have. I ordered my sheath the second week of January and received it on March 2nd. Not a bad wait time for custom work and SHOT show was during that time. You have a choice of two attachment methods when ordering. Either a clip, which is strong as hell from what I can tell or belt loops, which I may regret not paying the extra $3 for. 

The knife seems so far to work best when carried in tandem with a folding knife. The main problem with all folding knives, including Emerson’s, is getting them into action while grappling or against a wall. A KA-BAR TDI carried in a NSR Tactical sheath eliminates that concern completely. The combo works best when carried to the immediate left or right of the belt buckle so it can be drawn with either hand. 

So far I think I’ll love it. I’ll definitely be carrying the combo until it either breaks or I find something better, both of which seem unlikely. 

NSR Tactical’s website:  http://nsrtactical.com


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