Shoot Fu

Every trainer thinks they’re the best. The fact is there are tons of great trainers out there. But who really is the best? Let’s discuss it. 

First off most trainers I’ve encountered can be relied on for two things. First, they will teach you something you didn’t know. Which is great. Second, they will have a favorite gun. Which isn’t great and here’s why. If your trainer loves the Glock 17 he/she will probably be most proficient with the Glock 17. But what if you shoot a S&W Model 19? Well you won’t be receiving the best training for YOUR weapon. You’ll be receiving the best training for THEIR weapon. Obviously some trainers are experts with multiple guns but there isn’t a trainer that’s an expert with EVERY gun. Shooting a Glock 17 is like shooting a Glock 17. No two guns are alike. Some are close, Glock 17s and S&W M&Ps are similar but not the same. Even guns made by the same company aren’t alike. For example, a Glock 17 and a Glock 21 are hugely different in every way except look. Revolvers are even more difficult to find suitable training. Many trainers today grew up shooting semi auto pistols, not revolvers like the old days. It’s also important to train with the gun and load you’ll be carrying or protecting yourself with. If you plan on carrying a Model 19 packed with .357mag don’t train with .38 special. I know the arguments. It’s cheaper, has less recoil, is easier to shoot accurately. Well the point of training isn’t to pinch pennies, shoot 5,000 rounds, or cut the X ring every time. The point is to learn to shoot exceptionally well with your weapon and the word “weapon” means the firearm and the projectiles. 

Another thing to take into consideration is your trainers background. Cops will learn the most training with cops. Military with military and contractors with contractors. If you’re the only cop in a class with all contractors you’ll be missing out on things pertinent to your job. There are tons of opportunities for civilian shooters to train with their own as well. Most ranges offer training and that training is almost always tailored to civilian shooters, despite the background of the instructor. 

Some training is better than no training. 


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