Carry Problems

As most of the Northeast and Midwest is locked in a seemingly never ending cycle of snow and cold some carry problems present themselves. Cold weather might seem to make carrying concealed easier but that’s not always true. While it is easier to conceal a handgun when extra clothing must be warn for warmth that same extra clothing can make accessing that firearm difficult in a dangerous situation.

The 21 foot rule is a rule that says an attacker with a knife can close that or a lesser distance and disable an armed individual before they’re able to draw and fire a weapon. I have my own rule to overcome the 21 foot rule, I actually just thought of it, it’s called the Electric Slide Rule. You know the song, slide to the left, slide to the right. If you’re being charged by someone with a knife slide to their weak side while drawing your firearm. Knife in right hand, slide to their left or your right. Knife in left hand, slide to their right or your left. Pretty simple. Moving backwards is an option as well.

I’m considered a fashionable man, that’s without question. So when I started carrying a firearm I had to figure out how to stay stylish but still carry in all 4 seasons. I had options. I could’ve started dressing in those horrible flame button up shirts or those shirts that look like a table cloth, you know the ones, they have those little brightly colored squares. I could’ve moved to a place that’s warm all the time, I like cold weather so that didn’t happen. Finally, the option I chose was to try on every piece of clothing I was deciding to buy and see if it concealed my firearm. That may seem tedious, and it is but what I have now is a bunch of clothes I know will conceal my pistol. Most hoodies work great for concealment. Jackets are another story. I try to avoid jackets that are tight around the waste because that can make getting your hand underneath them and your gun out from under them tough. I like peacoats. They’re fashionable, loose, and aren’t disgustingly ugly like those horrid Columbia jackets. Columbia fleece works great though.

So if you’re new to carrying or having trouble concealing your gun the solution is easy. Take whatever your going to buy into the changing room at the store, put it on, look at yourself in the mirror, and practice drawing your gun a few times. If you can conceal and draw your gun easily then you’re good to go.


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