Everyone has an opinion about Glocks. They range from “A Glock 19 is the only gun you’ll ever need” to “Don’t waste your time with Glocks, they do a lot of things good but nothing great”. My opinion on Glocks, like my opinion in most things, falls about right in the middle. I own a couple Glocks and I like them, but if I were to need some quick cash one of those Glocks would be going to a new home.

The opinion that Glocks do a lot of things good but nothing great has merit. The triggers aren’t great. The ergonomics are abysmal unless you’re lucky enough to have the perfect hand size and shape. They’re no longer the must have semi auto of law enforcement. In recent years they’ve released guns that fail to live up to expectation, the Glock 42. The looks of the gun, well let’s just say they’re lacking.

Companies have made a lot of money copying Glock. Glock has made a lot of money with innovative business ideas. Their semi autos, by comparison, are on the lower end of the price range compared to the other quality gun manufacturers. That money you’ll save can be put towards a new trigger or paying someone to customize the grips for you. As someone who has put new triggers in all his Glocks and spent many an hour shaving down grips I’ll tell you this, it’s fairly simple. Glock is also a company that, most likely, will have what you want to buy. Whether that’s a subcompact .357sig or a long slide 10mm. Glocks also do something every gun should, they work every time. Rain, cold, or snow it doesn’t matter, a properly cared for Glock will go boom, every single time.

So if you’re in the market for a new or first handgun take a look at Glocks. Go to the range, rent one, and make your own decision. Rent a SIG, M&P and Springfield too, do your own comparison. Gone are the days of steel and walnut, Black is the new Gun.


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