Questions asked and questions answered

I’ve received a surprising amount of questions already, way more than I ever imagined I would, but I’ve been diligently answering them all.

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I’ve decided to gather the most common ones into a post. Along with questions I’ve asked friends to submit.

Q: Where are you from!
A: Pennsylvania!

Q: Favorite Pistol?
A: Currently the Beretta PX4 Storm in .45acp. Ever, now that’s a tough one, probably either the Colt Single Action Army or Springfield 1911’s. Both are great guns.

Q: What’s your favorite gun that you own?
A: Either the Glock 21 I customized myself through much trial and error or a Model 70 Winchester 30-06 my Grandpa bought out of a Sears &Roebuck catalogue in the late 30’s.

Q: Favorite Shotgun?
A: Remington 870 police trade in I spruced up. It’s a true SHTF gun if there ever was one. AA-12 is a close second.

Q: First gun you remember shooting?
A: Red Rider BB Gun. No idea how old I was. Didn’t shoot any eyes out.

Q: Favorite Rifle?
A: Tough. I’ve spent a lot of time with M4s, I love them, probably the closest to a perfect rifle out there today. I like Garands, Winchester 94s, and SCARs too. Saying “rifles” is like saying “cars” there’s just way to many options.

Q: What’re some guns you absolutely hate?
A: Yes, great question. Mosin-Nagants. MP5s. S&W knives. So many more but I’ll hold off.

Q: How often do you carry a gun?
A: At least 6 days a week.

Q: What do you think of Pres. Obama?
A: I think he never really had a chance and didn’t do himself any favors.

Q: What’s the difference between silencers and suppressors?
A: Suppressor is the proper term for silencer.

Q: 5.56 or 7.62?
A: Either. They both have their uses. I can see .300 Blackout cutting into the 5.56 market though.

Q: What’s a good first gun for a woman?
A: Questions like this piss me off. Any gun a man can handle a woman can handle. Guns don’t recognize gender. Guys shouldn’t pack a Glock 20 while their lady has a .38 special 5 shot snubby. Asinine.


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