Two Interesting Guns from SHOTshow

Another year of SHOTshow is upon us so the sweaty and armed will descend on Las Vegas to get their grubby little hands on the latest gear. A few gun companies have announced plans to start making some interesting guns.

First, unsurprisingly, is Ruger. Ruger has long been the King of interesting guns. Sometimes these guns fail terribly. Sometimes they succeed. Ruger recently announced plans to produce a stainless 1911 featuring a 4.25inch barrel. For those of you who EDC a 1911 or want to in the future this is big news. The Stainless steel will keep the weight manageable and 4.25inches is the shortest barrel length a 1911 can reliably eject .45acp. The gun will also have many features that are normally only found on semi-custom 1911s such as an oversized ejection port and an extended magazine release. I don’t often get excited about guns, especially ones that have been around for 100+ years but I will be buying one of these.

Second is SIG SAUER, they’ve already announced they’ll be moving into the optics game but a lesser announcement has me giddy like a schoolgirl. SIG will be releasing variants of the P220 in 10mm AUTO. I’m an unabashed fan of the 10mm so anytime a company starts clambering guns in this fantastic cartridge I get excited. Even if you’re not a fan of SIG, and I know a few sickos who aren’t, the fact that they’ll be chambering guns in 10mm is a huge step. Outside of 1911 style guns the only offerings in 10mm have been from Glock and EAA. Now Glock is a quality company, that’s well known but EAA has had some issues in the past. To be fair, they’ve addressed most of these guy just their name tends to turn people off. SIG stepping into the 10mm ring should be a huge factor in growing its popularity.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend SHOTshow this year (wasn’t invited) but my spies say it’ll be the best one in recent memory. I’ll have more when I know more.


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