Franchise Guns

The following are the guns I think are the “Franchise Guns” of some of the major gun companies. Feel free to disagree.

This one is a layup. Glock 17.

Beretta has been a gun company since about 23 years after the dinosaurs died. They were mostly known for shotguns during their early years. That being said, it’s the 92 or M9. No doubt

Now this one isn’t easy. It comes down to two iconic pistols, the Single Action Army and the 1911. Both were .45s, both were used by the U.S. Military, and they both were used to great effect in war. I’ll take the 1911, barely.

Another close one. The Browning Hi-Power is without a doubt an iconic pistol. The A5 has put lots of food on lots of plates. Actually, never mind, it’s not close, Hi-Power in a landslide.

This one truly is razor thin. The 870 is a truly fantastic shotgun. The 700 has been used to reach out and touch enemies both foreign and domestic for decades. I’ll pick the 870 but that might change in twenty minutes.

Yikes. Four good candidates here. The Model 70, the 1894, the 1873, and the Model 12. Only one has had a movie made about it, the 1873.

Smith & Wesson
My first instinct was to say the M&P. But even I can’t deny the power of Clint Eastwood and the .44 magnum. Model 29 without a doubt.

I hate all rifles and pistols chambered in .22 but if I were to waste money on one it would be the 10-22.


2 thoughts on “Franchise Guns

  1. Stan R. Mitchell

    I keep trying to come up with things to disagree with you about, but you make it almost impossible.

    I guess if I were to try to quibble, it might be on the Remington. I think I’d go with the 700 because of its wartime implications, but man do they make a fine shotgun, as well… My Dad actually owns an 870, and it was what I grew up learning to shoot. And the funny thing is, my Dad and I didn’t know a ton about guns and we bought that shotgun basically by accident — it was used, and from a friend.

    So, I get spoiled on this 870, not knowing it’s the Cadillac, and then later find out the hard way when I’d shoot my friends’ Mossburgs, Winchesters, etc.

    Of course, those worked and shot fine, and you almost can’t go wrong with a shotgun, but an 870… Wow. Just a whole ‘nother level…

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