The Perfect Knife

I own a bunch of knives, too many to reliably count. During the last 15 years I’ve been on a search for the “perfect knife.” It’s no secret that there are some great knife makers out there. The art of custom knife making is a dying one. It’s simply not easy to pound pieces of steel into shape knowing one mistake ruins hours of work. The rise and increased quality of factory knives has aided the downfall as well. I’ve complied a list of things that would make up my perfect knife. One that can be used tactical, woodland, and general usage scenarios.

-Blade of at least 3 inches.
-Frame Lock if a folding knife.
-Sheath of Kydex or Leather. No bullshit nylon
-Slightly curved tanto blade.
-Blade of AUS8 or better.
-Less than 2 pounds.
-Slightly textured handle.
-Pommel and Handguard if fixed blade.
-Medium depth finger groove for pointer finger

That’s not too many right? I’m sure one of the knife savants out there could make me such a knife. I’d have to sell my kidneys and steal a few to afford it but a guy can dream!


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