Quick life update

In the relatively short history of this blog I haven’t said too much about myself. This post will change that.

I work as an armed security officer for a small company and a tactical trainer for a large state run agency. Working at the security company pays the bills while at the state agency I earn money that’s mostly saved or wasted on guns/knives/gear/that sort of stuff. Today I received a call from my boss at the security company informing me that my hours were being cut by 60% due to the company losing the contract at a site. I’m not going to point fingers, shit happens. So while my job situation is in limbo I’ve decided to ramp up the gear reviews and interviews here. I have a few great interviews in the works. One is with a fantastic author who I’ve come to admire, another is with a friend who works in the Maryland Department of Corrections, the rest are surprises.

I follow a lot of tactical reviewers on either youtube, blogs, or Twitter. One thing I’ve noticed is the lack of reviews about gloves. Gloves, in my opinion, are the second most important part of your tactical clothing (behind boots). I aim to review as many gloves as I can get my hands on or in.

After all folks, you know the saying, no glove no love.


2 thoughts on “Quick life update

  1. Stan R. Mitchell

    I hate hearing about the job… I’m hoping life does it’s who “life’s a circle thing” real fast and you catch a break and land a career that you never would have, had your hours not been cut and had you not been forced to go out and look hard.

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