People I Hate in the Gun Community

Warning: This is a rant, there may be harsh language.

If you’re a citizen and you’ve ever open carried a firearm for defensive purposes I hate you. That may seem harsh but you people only serve to make people more scared of guns. What are you really gaining from scaring people? You make the anti-gunners look right, you’re not protesting a goddamn thing. Your decision to throw on your AR-15 while picking up a double quarter pounder with extra cheese hurts the rights a lot of people have fought and died to protect. Instead of squeezing into your size 44 BDUs and trying to show how fucking tacticool you are take a second and be honest with yourself about who your actions are truly benefitting.

Gun restrictions aren’t a bad thing. Background checks help keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals.
Full auto weaponry isn’t any more useful than semi auto except being way more fun to shoot. Do some criminals end up with guns? Of course. Should a violent criminal be able to walk into a store and buy a full auto assault rifle? No fucking way. Police Officers have a hard job as it is imagine if they had to worrying about some convicted felon spraying down their neighborhood with an Uzi. Obviously if criminals want full auto guns they’ll get them but we shouldn’t be fighting to make it easier. Some gun restrictions are asinine obviously. Magazine restrictions, barrel length restrictions, and some others I’m too pissed off to think about are a joke. If you’re mad because you have a felony or two and can’t buy that fancy new FAL you’ve been wanting, tough shit felon, you shouldn’t have done the crime.

Gun writers lie to you. It’s that simple. Companies send them guns to review with the understanding the review will be favorable. Take 2014 for example. Remington released the R51, gun writers that were hand picked by Remington went nuts over the gun. Great! Game Changer! A sure fire success! Were all phrases used to describe the gun. In reality? The same company that makes the 700 and the 870, two top of their class weapons, also made what was possibly the worst handgun of the last 5 years, and people were tricked by gun writers into buying it. I shouldn’t even refer to these people as “writers” it does an injustice to people who truly have a gift for words. Derringers also made a bit of a comeback this year, and that’s fine. If people want to defend themselves with 150 year old technology they should just buy a Bowie knife. If I was going to rob someone and they pulled out one of these hard to hold inaccurate little mouse guns I’d laugh, slap them, and take their lunch money. Now a Bowie knife is a different story, they’d leave with MY lunch money and MY girlfriend.

Don’t listen to or read the work of these idiots. Go to a gun shop, talk to people, shoot the gun you’re thinking of buying. Don’t buy with a copy of Guns & Ammo blindfolding you.


2 thoughts on “People I Hate in the Gun Community

  1. Stan R. Mitchell

    I so agree about open carry… And I get so frustrated when I see these videos where someone is open carrying, but then getting pissed and challenging the police when they respond to calls.

    I want to say, “Okay, let’s change this up a little bit. Are you okay with forty people who don’t worship like you going open carry in the street, and telling cops they won’t cooperate because it’s their constitutional right?”

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