The Myth of Training

Getting trained to use firearms is an important step in your maturation as a gun owner. That’s simply a fact. Getting training from the same trainers multiple times however can be a detriment to your shooting skills.
You’ll rarely learn multiple ways to do the same thing and yes, there are multiple ways to do most things. For example, the Israelis teach a completely different pistol draw and upper body position. Are they wrong? Evidence points to no. Some teachers will want you to reload with a round in the barrel, some want your gun to run dry before reloading. Both of these methods have advantages and disadvantages. I’m right handed, I’ve had teachers instruct me to swipe off the safety on a 1911 using both my left and right thumb. Mas Ayoob teaches his students to grip the gun as hard as they can, other teachers want a softer grip.

Taking multiple classes from and getting to know a certain teacher can be a good thing. Often they’ll be able to correct some of your bad habits. My bad habit happens to be keeping my left thumb pointed directly up, when pistol shooting, basically giving whatever I’m shooting at confirmation I’m having fun. When you take multiple classes from the same teacher though you can pick up THEIR bad habits. And I’ll guarantee you they have them. Everyone does.

I know a very high level competition shooter that has a tick in his reloads. He’ll load a new mag, hit the slide release, then manually work the slide of the pistol ejecting that freshly loaded round. He realizes he’s doing it but for some reason can’t stop himself. Some teachers would say that’s not a problem, in a gunfight you want to be sure a round is in the chamber. But what happens if he does this while under fire and causes a malfunction? It could happen. Then is this teacher right? Of course he is. Just because something doesn’t work once doesn’t mean it’s wrong. My friend is a competition shooter though, does he want to waste those precious seconds, even though his life isn’t on the line, to make sure a round is chambered? Hell no. Time counts in competitions.

There are tons of training options these days. I don’t live in a very populated area (about an hour from a major city) and with a quick google search I found 18 trainers within 30 minutes. Now I’m sure they don’t all offer the same classes but taking different kinds of classes is important too. Taking AR classes has made me an infinitely better shotgun shooter. Pistol shooting is the hardest to master by far but don’t just train with your sidearm. Keep up a good rotation with your training and practicing. Mine is Pistol-Rifle-Pistol-Shotgun and so on.

So please get out there and train people. I might need you to have my 6 one day!


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