The Downfall of Western Civilization

Many things have changed in the past 5 years. Universal healthcare is real, like it or not. Industry standards like Winchester and Smith & Wesson are largely scoffed at by a younger gun crowd. You can’t smoke in a bar, which is just ridiculous even though I don’t smoke. I mean seriously, God forbid your lungs get a little color while you destroy your liver. Police Officers are under more public scrutiny than ever, sometimes for completely good reasons. But the most surprising developments out of the gun industry in the past 5 years are simple. Beretta, Ruger, and Kel-Tec are true industry powerhouses.

Now you might be surprised that I’m calling Beretta a powerhouse. You might be thinking “hey idiot, they’ve been mega popular for years” now you’d be kind of right. Beretta has been popular for a long time because of their shotguns and the 92 pistols. In the last 5 years though Beretta has cemented their legacy. The M9 is the best military pistol the U.S. has ever fielded without a doubt. Their ARX rifles are true game changers. Truly ambidextrous, requiring little or no lubrication, and they’re actually comfortable to shoot. They’re basically now what ARs were talked up as in the 1960’s. The PX4 series is a great pistol lineup to compete with Glock and SIG SAUER for supremacy. So now that Beretta is making AR type rifles and pistols very well and taking them seriously I’ll call them a powerhouse.

Now Rugers have been around for awhile. They started as a cheaper alternative for revolvers that can handle the hottest loads you could cook up. Those early guns had their issues however. Mainly that they were seriously uncomfortable to shoot no matter the load. In the past few years though Ruger quality control and their ergonomics have been vastly improving. For the first time ever I’m seriously looking at Ruger semi autos as something I’d own and carry. Unlike some gun owners I won’t buy a gun I won’t carry. The fact that I’d carry a Ruger is the biggest endorsement I can give them.

Now I will toot my own horn a bit. I’ve been a KEL-TEC fan for a long time. The first time I saw one of their guns I said “Now what the f&&k is this” after shooting it my Shakespeare like language turned into “Now this I f&&king like.” Ever since that faithful day in March I’ve been following their developments and have even bought a KEL-TEC KSG that I wouldn’t trade for all the whiskey in Ireland. Now understand, I’m a shotgun guy. I’ve owned as many as 14 at one point. I’m also a beer guy so whiskey holds no sway over my decision making. But back to KEL-TEC. The best things about their guns is that once you’ve seen and held one you’ll never forget it. They don’t look like other guns, and they don’t feel like other guns but once you get to know them they’re pretty great. They’re still a relatively small company but once people ditch the idea that ARs, shotguns, and pistols should all look the same they will live long and prosper. Hell even their knives look different!

So if you’re in the market for a new gun take a look at these 3 companies and tell’m they TactPunk sent ya.

*DISCLAIMER: To the best of my knowledge none of these companies know who I am so don’t expect anything special.


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