Lasers, Lights, and Sights

Not many things come out of 10+ years of war. Through this country’s continuous involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan though there have been useful advances. The best advance is, in my opinion, QuikClot. Now I won’t explain what it is or how it’s used, that’s easily found on Google. This post is about lasers, lights, and sights.

First lasers. Lasers are great on just about any firearm and hugely popular. Companies like LaserLyte even make ones you can use in your home when it’s too hot or cold to practice outside. They’re a much cheaper alternative during ammo shortages as well. Quick target acquisition is the main advantage of using a laser whether it’s a simple red dot or an infrared used in conjunction with night vision goggles it’s much faster than aiming through iron sights. Now lasers do have their disadvantages. First is that they run on batteries and batteries run out. Pretty self explanatory. Second, if using a laser visible to the naked eye your target might be able to see where you’re aiming and shoot your ass accordingly.

Now for lights. Lights have been become wildly popular on home defense weapons for good reason. It’s much easier to simply click the light attached to your firearm on then try to hold your gun with one hand and the light with the other hand. Lights that are bright enough can also incapacitate your target without you having to fire a shot. A definite advantage in this day and age. Of course lights also help with seeing in the dark, the cave man who discovered fire found this out. Lights also have disadvantages similar to lasers. They can run out of batteries, unless they’re the fancy solar powered ones that really don’t work very well. They can broadcast your position, giving your enemy a great target to shoot at. They can also be hard to turn on/off while wearing gloves.

The subject of sights is a vast one. I’ll focus on my favorite. The legendary ACOG. Your typical ACOG reticle looks something similar to this.


Now ACOG scopes have tons of advantages they’re great for both long and short range shooting. They’re almost indestructible. Most of them don’t rely on batteries. They’re surprisingly light compared to most scopes. Their one disadvantage comes in CQB (Close Quarters Battle) shooting. It can be a real pain to transfer between targets fast because most ACOGs limit your vision. Marines in Iraq were investigated for war crimes because some idiot thought they were executing prisoners. The truth was the Marines were such exceptional shots that they were hitting headshots out to 300 yards with their rifles. The sights they were using? ACOGs.

Well that brings us to the end. Whether it’s by picatinny rail or duct tape, don’t be afraid to try some attachments.


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