Thanksgiving Eve at a bar…with ammo!

Statistically tonight will be one of the busiest drinking nights of the year. So your homies at TactPunk decided to compare popular ammunition to people you’ll see at the bar.

Disclaimer: we are not responsible for you drunkenly calling someone “10mm guy”. Ready? Let’s get started.

10mm- He’s usually the first guy you see. Big, wide, and powerful, as soon as you see him you’ll know he’s not someone to be trifled with

5.56 NATO- This is the bartender. Massively overworked, a bit edgy, and sure to deliver. Just be prepared when it’s voice starts raising. While not the biggest brute in the room it’s never bad to be friends with the bartender.

9mm- Small, quiet, and damn proven. Once again not the biggest but be damn sure he has a bunch of friends just like him.

.45ACP- He’s the old guy, sitting in the dimly lit booth way in the back, drinking the cheapest swill imaginable. He’s lived a damn hard life and still proves everyday he’s not ready for the pasture. Don’t piss him off or you’ll hear his booming voice.

7.62×39- Quiet, has an accent, you wonder if he’s a spy but damn sure won’t ask. You seem him all the time at this bar because he’s ultra dependable.

6.8 SPC- Young, loud, and always trying to prove himself. He loves leather pants and cowhide holsters. He’ll talk a big game and possibly back it up.

7.62NATO- This guy owns the bar. He can bartend, bounce, change kegs, and make you a stellar whiskey sour. Never one for theatrics but when he speaks you’ll know you’ve been spoken to.

.17HMR- She’s a real cutie but don’t be fooled. Yes she’s small. Yes she’s skinny. Once she gets moving though, watch the hell out. Massive damage in a small package.

.22- She has her uses, that’s about the best you can say. She loves to dress up in fancy clothes she’s stolen. She loves to pretend she’s great at everything. But you aren’t fooled, you know she’s dirty.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading and maybe had a laugh or two. If I offended your favorite round I do not apologize. Be safe out there tonight and have a great Thanksgiving.


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