Ferguson, Missouri

The Grand Jury’s decision was just announced and the officer involved in the shooting of Michael Brown will not be indicted. This post isn’t to weigh in on the decision itself, the protesting that’s ongoing, or the police department of Ferguson, Missouri. This post will however look at the violence that brought us to this point and the violence that’s sure to continue. I WILL NOT BE TAKING A SIDE. If you’re looking for a pro-left or pro-right entry to either agree with or argue with please move on.

Michael Brown was shot multiple times by Officer Darren Wilson and died as a result of his wounds, those are facts. Michael Brown attacked Officer Darren Wilson, that is a fact. Michael Brown is suspected of robbing a store earlier on the day of his death, that is a fact. What happened following the attack on Officer Wilson is a tragedy, a man lost his life, whether the shooting was justified or not it’s a tragedy anytime a man dies.

I fully support the right to protest peacefully, I support it to the extent that I’ve taken part in protests myself. What I can’t support is violent protesting or rioting. Nothing good will ever come from violence in that form. The worst way to ever get the point you’re protesting across is to become violent. Police Officers should not look like soldiers, Police Officers aren’t soldiers. My heart aches for America every time I see an Officer in full tactical gear facing a line of protesters.

As I sit at work tonight and follow the violence happening in the heartland of America I can’t help but compare it to violent protests in decidedly less civil parts of the globe. As I read the calls for violence from people both left and right I become sickened from knowledge that portions of the population will act on such heinous demands.

Only those who don’t understand violence will call for it.


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