Teaching someone to shoot aka story time with uncle TactPunk

Recently I taught my main squeeze to shoot, now if you’re my dad now is the time you’d be saying “When did you learn?” He’s a bit of a curmudgeon though but that’s a story for another day.

Now the range I chose only allows pistol caliber weapons. No .50BMG, No ARs to forever ruin what hearing I have left, and thankfully no AKs to make me hit the deck out of reflex. The weapon I chose for her first time was a simple .22 bolt action rifle with iron sights. I had a bunch of good reasons for choosing this gun. First, it’s quite simple. Second, it’s a fairly accurate rifle and I wanted her to be able to make good center mass hits. Third, I’ve had BB guns that have more recoil. I explained to her the rules of safe gun handling and let her familiarize herself with the weapon multiple times before we went. Eventually, she got tired of me randomly asking in the week leading up to our excursion what direction to always keep the gun pointed. I scrapped the written test and just let her go with the oral one.

So we get to the gunshop/range and walk downstairs to finally do the damn thing. It’s about 3pm on a Tuesday so the range is sparsely populated which I hoped it would be. Only one other couple is there and they’re shooting a really nice Glock 21, but I digress. We proceed to rent a target, the one with the Blue Man Group guy on it, maybe it’s the official IDPA one, I don’t know, usually I shoot at refrigerator boxes I find on garbage night, but there I go digressing again. We get set up and I show her a few basic stances and let her blast away. Soon another couple shows up and I can tell right away this guy is a serious shooter and is also teaching his girlfriend how to shoot. Now here’s what separates the men from the boys when it comes to teaching a newcomer. This guy’s girlfriend had obviously never even held a gun before and she clearly had no concept of safe handling. At one point he turned his back for a reason so she proceeds to keep talking, she did a lot of that, while talking she points the gun directly at him. He scolds her fairly harshly so she turns and points the gun at me! I just stare into her piglike face (point a gun at me and you’re sure to get insulted on my blog, fair play) once she realizes the error of her ways she just puts the gun down. Anyway, we run through our hundred rounds and hour time limit fairly fast (took about an hour) and I ask her what she thinks.

The answer took my breath away: “Can we come back tomorrow?”

And that ladies and gents is what makes it all worthwhile.


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