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Pocket guns and the people that love them

Almost every manufacturer has at least one “pocket gun” in their line up and for good reason. Small guns are easy to conceal for almost everyone. They make great back up guns to wear on the ankle, thigh or tucked into a pocket.

Now I personally can’t stand having a gun in my pocket for a few reasons.

1. It’s vastly uncomfortable
2. It can be hard to pull quickly
3. It’s the only thing you can safely keep in that pocket
4. It opens you to the inevitable “Is that a gun or are you just happy to see me?” Joke

But don’t think for a second I don’t love small guns, I just carry them differently. Most of the time with pants it’ll be in an ankle holster or when wearing shorts in a thigh holster. Now you might be thinking thigh holsters are for girls, you’d be correct, but they’re also a great alternative for summer time carrying. This summer we hit 100+ degrees for about 10 days straight, and I gave up on my leather IWB holster after about 8 minutes. It was just too hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable to wear. The thigh holster works absolutely great under a pair of proper length shorts. If you’re the type that enjoys showing off your upper thighs they may not be right for you.

Another great reason to have a pocket gun or 5 (don’t judge) is that they make great backup guns. Some of them share magazines with their beefier cousins and even a revolver is better than harsh words if your main gun runs dry.

Now small guns do have some drawbacks. Usually they’re in smaller calibers like .380, .38special, and the oh so useless .25acp. Their stock magazines and cylinders don’t hold many rounds. They’re harder to shoot accurately because of the shorter barrel/sights. If you’re a large handed fellow or lady they can be a nightmare to hold. Unfortunately I have ridiculously wide hands (once pinched my hand on a glock17 changing the mag) so I’ll have trouble getting a full grip on any gun. I’ve overcome this problem by just making my hands as strong as possible so even if I can only hold the gun with 1 or 2 fingers I can still handle the recoil. It’s important to remember though that no gun is perfect. You can pay for a custom built 1911 that’ll run you $6,000 but who’s going to carry it? Not I noble reader, not I.

Another advantage of smaller guns is that they’re often more affordable. I’ve seen Ruger SemiAutos and Smith revolvers in great condition going for much cheaper than their full sized counterparts. This makes small guns also a great choice as a first gun for the budget conscious young person.


Thanksgiving Eve at a bar…with ammo!

Statistically tonight will be one of the busiest drinking nights of the year. So your homies at TactPunk decided to compare popular ammunition to people you’ll see at the bar.

Disclaimer: we are not responsible for you drunkenly calling someone “10mm guy”. Ready? Let’s get started.

10mm- He’s usually the first guy you see. Big, wide, and powerful, as soon as you see him you’ll know he’s not someone to be trifled with

5.56 NATO- This is the bartender. Massively overworked, a bit edgy, and sure to deliver. Just be prepared when it’s voice starts raising. While not the biggest brute in the room it’s never bad to be friends with the bartender.

9mm- Small, quiet, and damn proven. Once again not the biggest but be damn sure he has a bunch of friends just like him.

.45ACP- He’s the old guy, sitting in the dimly lit booth way in the back, drinking the cheapest swill imaginable. He’s lived a damn hard life and still proves everyday he’s not ready for the pasture. Don’t piss him off or you’ll hear his booming voice.

7.62×39- Quiet, has an accent, you wonder if he’s a spy but damn sure won’t ask. You seem him all the time at this bar because he’s ultra dependable.

6.8 SPC- Young, loud, and always trying to prove himself. He loves leather pants and cowhide holsters. He’ll talk a big game and possibly back it up.

7.62NATO- This guy owns the bar. He can bartend, bounce, change kegs, and make you a stellar whiskey sour. Never one for theatrics but when he speaks you’ll know you’ve been spoken to.

.17HMR- She’s a real cutie but don’t be fooled. Yes she’s small. Yes she’s skinny. Once she gets moving though, watch the hell out. Massive damage in a small package.

.22- She has her uses, that’s about the best you can say. She loves to dress up in fancy clothes she’s stolen. She loves to pretend she’s great at everything. But you aren’t fooled, you know she’s dirty.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading and maybe had a laugh or two. If I offended your favorite round I do not apologize. Be safe out there tonight and have a great Thanksgiving.

Ferguson, Missouri

The Grand Jury’s decision was just announced and the officer involved in the shooting of Michael Brown will not be indicted. This post isn’t to weigh in on the decision itself, the protesting that’s ongoing, or the police department of Ferguson, Missouri. This post will however look at the violence that brought us to this point and the violence that’s sure to continue. I WILL NOT BE TAKING A SIDE. If you’re looking for a pro-left or pro-right entry to either agree with or argue with please move on.

Michael Brown was shot multiple times by Officer Darren Wilson and died as a result of his wounds, those are facts. Michael Brown attacked Officer Darren Wilson, that is a fact. Michael Brown is suspected of robbing a store earlier on the day of his death, that is a fact. What happened following the attack on Officer Wilson is a tragedy, a man lost his life, whether the shooting was justified or not it’s a tragedy anytime a man dies.

I fully support the right to protest peacefully, I support it to the extent that I’ve taken part in protests myself. What I can’t support is violent protesting or rioting. Nothing good will ever come from violence in that form. The worst way to ever get the point you’re protesting across is to become violent. Police Officers should not look like soldiers, Police Officers aren’t soldiers. My heart aches for America every time I see an Officer in full tactical gear facing a line of protesters.

As I sit at work tonight and follow the violence happening in the heartland of America I can’t help but compare it to violent protests in decidedly less civil parts of the globe. As I read the calls for violence from people both left and right I become sickened from knowledge that portions of the population will act on such heinous demands.

Only those who don’t understand violence will call for it.

Teaching someone to shoot aka story time with uncle TactPunk

Recently I taught my main squeeze to shoot, now if you’re my dad now is the time you’d be saying “When did you learn?” He’s a bit of a curmudgeon though but that’s a story for another day.

Now the range I chose only allows pistol caliber weapons. No .50BMG, No ARs to forever ruin what hearing I have left, and thankfully no AKs to make me hit the deck out of reflex. The weapon I chose for her first time was a simple .22 bolt action rifle with iron sights. I had a bunch of good reasons for choosing this gun. First, it’s quite simple. Second, it’s a fairly accurate rifle and I wanted her to be able to make good center mass hits. Third, I’ve had BB guns that have more recoil. I explained to her the rules of safe gun handling and let her familiarize herself with the weapon multiple times before we went. Eventually, she got tired of me randomly asking in the week leading up to our excursion what direction to always keep the gun pointed. I scrapped the written test and just let her go with the oral one.

So we get to the gunshop/range and walk downstairs to finally do the damn thing. It’s about 3pm on a Tuesday so the range is sparsely populated which I hoped it would be. Only one other couple is there and they’re shooting a really nice Glock 21, but I digress. We proceed to rent a target, the one with the Blue Man Group guy on it, maybe it’s the official IDPA one, I don’t know, usually I shoot at refrigerator boxes I find on garbage night, but there I go digressing again. We get set up and I show her a few basic stances and let her blast away. Soon another couple shows up and I can tell right away this guy is a serious shooter and is also teaching his girlfriend how to shoot. Now here’s what separates the men from the boys when it comes to teaching a newcomer. This guy’s girlfriend had obviously never even held a gun before and she clearly had no concept of safe handling. At one point he turned his back for a reason so she proceeds to keep talking, she did a lot of that, while talking she points the gun directly at him. He scolds her fairly harshly so she turns and points the gun at me! I just stare into her piglike face (point a gun at me and you’re sure to get insulted on my blog, fair play) once she realizes the error of her ways she just puts the gun down. Anyway, we run through our hundred rounds and hour time limit fairly fast (took about an hour) and I ask her what she thinks.

The answer took my breath away: “Can we come back tomorrow?”

And that ladies and gents is what makes it all worthwhile.

For the love of shotguns!

The following is a love story. If you’re not into the mushy stuff I suggest you move on. Anyway, for those of you still with me, let’s talk about shotguns.

Now I’m sure you either own, have held, have seen, or know what a shotgun is so I won’t explain them. I would however like to clear up a few misconceptions.

Myth 1: shotguns spray wide enough to clear a room in one shot.
Truth 1: the way a shotgun sprays varies depending on the gun itself, the ammo being used, the user, the type of shot being used, wind direction, and many many other factors.

Myth 2: shotguns are short range weapons.
Truth 2: Shotguns can be devastating at long ranges with the proper setup. A long rifled barrel and slugs are the key to reaching out and touching your target. I’ve personally seen guys regularly hit targets at 350yds. Not bad.

Myth 3: A shotgun is all you need for home defense.
Truth 3: While having a shotgun never hurts, who’s to say what I need to defend MY home?

That’s only three myths and there are plenty more, but I don’t have the energy to cover them all.

For a novice or first time gun owner a shotgun is a fantastic choice. No other weapon has the kind of versatility a shotgun offers. Home defense? Check. Hunting? Check. Everyday Carry? Dust off that trench coat.

At the beginning of this post I was thinking about my naming my favorite shotgun. That’s not an easy thing to do. I imagine it’s like choosing a favorite child, luckily I’m childless so I don’t have to pick, it’ll probably be the girl though, I’m a softie.

So to wrap this up, let’s all take a minute to think about shotguns, the ones we’ve had, the ones we have, and the ones we want.

Hear ye! Hear ye! Here’s me!

This will be the first of many posts, so how’s it going? For my first post I’ve decided to delve into a highly controversial subject. That’s right. You guessed it. Mall Ninjas!

Now if you don’t know what a Mall Ninja is welcome to the club. Even I’m not really sure but nevertheless I’ll try to explain. To my understanding a Mall Ninja is a person that runs around the mall dressed in the latest and greatest tactical clothing. I’m not sure where the ninja part comes from but I’m also not sure where quinoa comes from. Now I’ll admit I own a few pair of cargo pants and a kickass 5.11 tactical jacket. Does that make me a Mall Ninja? Some would say yes. Now in my experience the person most likely to call someone a mall ninja is pretty easy to spot. Here’s the traits they usually have in common.

OLD (at least 45, yeah I know that’s not old)
LOVE 1911’s (I do too old man, let’s be friends)
LOVE FLANNEL (old people can be hipsters too)
USED TO TALK BAD ABOUT “PLASTIC” GUNS (now they all carry one)

So now kind reader that we’ve established a few commonalities amongst the Mall Ninja Accusers let’s move on to why they dislike Mall Ninjas. There are tons of reasons to dislike someone younger, maybe prettier, possibly more educated, probably better trained, and infinitely better at using the Internet so you can’t defend yourself. But through minutes of research I’ve figured out the number one reason. So dear reader, let the TactPunk teach you something. They hate Mall Ninjas because they figured out what it took older peeps years and years to grasp. Gone are the days of a bolt-action rifle for big game and a 12 gauge shotgun for everything else. Companies market to MN (Mall Ninjas, I got tired of typing it) because MN BUY PRODUCTS! Everyone knows someone who’s had the same rifle for 30 years and has never seen a reason to buy a new one.

Gaston Glock hasn’t built his mansions and screwed his family out of money because of those people, he’s done it by making great products that people want. A .380 for summertime carry, a 9mm for when it turns cold, and a .45ACP for 2 legged creatures that go bump in the night.

In conclusion don’t hate the MNs. Talk to them. They’re the future Tier 1 Operators, the future gun designers, the future of the industry we know and love. And MNs, please, try to be a little less annoying it’ll help your cause.